About Medusa

The studios.                                    tudio pictures

Medusa Houses several studio’s to choose from. Each control room is designed for a specfic purpose.Our Main control room features a finely tuned Studer 24 track 2” tape machine. This is our machine of choice for ultra-tight rock bands that are looking for the warm vintage sound that only tape can provide. The centerpiece of our studio is an Audient Analog console that was purchased new for Medusa. This console is obviously in mint condition, and functions perfectly, with no issues as can be the case with some older vintage consoles. The Mic -pre’s, EQ section, and master compression on this console will give your tracking and mix down session a nice warm and smooth analog sound.Most sessions are tracked into pro-tools HDX,running on a fully loaded Mac computer. Medusa has plenty of outboard equipment used for coloring and shaping your sound in both the tracking and mix-down stage.We also have plenty of software based plug-ins that we use during editing and mix down to make your recording sound amazing. Medusa recording complex really has way to much involved for us to list it all (and we prefer to use our time doing something else) so we invite you to come in for a tour,see for yourself, and feel the vibe! Studio Proper is the main tracking room used for full bands recording at medusa. It’s a nice large room with a great vibe and also a perfect spot for recording video. Several other booth’s are connected to and visible from the main control room.Located right outside the main control room is the main lounge complete with a fridge, microwave,coffee and plenty of seating. Feel free to relax,eat and drink in this lounge, however smoking is not permitted.

Our mastering suite is a finely tuned room featuring a vintage PARIS digital audio workstation.Medusa engineers are able to take the stems directly out of the main control room and integrate them directly into the mastering session using hot-swap hard drive’s. This is certainly a little more old-school way of working however the results are unlike anything that is offered by most mastering houses. The PARIS system in the Medusa mastering suite is a great system to do some quick tracking, mastering, and listen to music. It’s also a great place to kick around ideas and write new songs. Just outside the Mastering room is a full kitchen and bar complete with anything that you may need to be comfortable. Feel free to eat,drink and relax in this lounge and smoking is also permitted.

“Studio down” is our R&B,Hip-Hop and Rap recording studio.  The three dedicated recording booth’s are always mic’ed up and ready to record in. Plenty of inputs using high quality mic-pre’s feeding a pro-tools HD system make this studio a solid,efficient,and productive environment to track and mix in.Dedicated headphone boxes in each booth give the artist control and preferance of how the the mix sounds in the headphones. This studio also has access to a lounge with headphone station to listen in on the session that’s in progress. Eating, drinking and smoking is permitted in this lounge.

Some of our Producers:

William Ferraro, Owner of Medusa. with over thirty years of recording experience ,hundreds of bands have used his services. William has worked out of studios from NY to CA. He specializes in recording modern rock style music and enjoys working with hard working,tight and creative bands.

Our Recording Process:

Pre-production:  Once you contact us here at Medusa we will bring you in for a tour of the studio and discuss your project.We can provide some options and methods to get you in and recording and keep things within your budget.we will decide what methed of recording will be the best to use to make your vision a reality. Very often we will visit your practice site,attend a live show,or even bring you into the studio for a quick rehersal.we can provide tip’s on your music, prepairing your equipment for the recording session,and general information that will make the recording process run smoothly. 

Time to record: Take some extra time to be sure that you are ready to record the songs.Are you going to use a click track? If so spend a lot of time practicing with it. Make sure that you know the BPM for the songs and that the band has agreed on the tempo. Is your equipment ready for recording ? Drums should have new heads,no squeeks and rattles, no broken parts.guitars should have new strings. Amps should be quiet with no excessive noise or humming from worn out components.


Q.  I have heard that you have overnight accommodations for out of town bands that are tracking on consecutive day’s.       A. Yes that is true.If you are tracking over consectutive day’s we have a very sweet crash pad right next to the studio. 

Q.  Do you have a drum set and cymbals that we can use ?                                                                                                              A.   yes , in fact we have several very high quality drum sets. 

Q.  Do you have other instruments that we can use ?                                                                                                                         A.  Yes, we have keyboards,samplers,drum machines,guitars,amps,and other instruments.

Q. Do you charge extra to use the instruments that you provide in the studio?                                                                                 A.  No, we don’t charge anything to use the instruments. However if you break it you must pay to repair or replace  it. This refers mostly to cymbals, heads, and headphones.   

Q. Do you require a deposit to record at Medusa?                                                                                                                     A.  yes , we require a deposit to put you on the schedule. This is usually half down for the session.

Q. Do you have in house musicians ?                                                                                                                                                A. Yes we have studio professionals at our disposal. The price is always reasonable and negotiable. Need a drummer? we got you covered. Key’s ,Sax, Bass guitar ? Sure thing !

Q. Will I be able to afford recording at a facility as nice as medusa?                                                                                                A.  Yes, we do our best to keep our rates low and competitive with other studios rates. We are very good and efficient here. Our equipment is well maintained and the engineers are all experienced.

Q.  Do you record Rap and Hip-Hop music ?                                                                                                                                      A.  Yes , we have a special studio designed to record and mix R&B, rap and hip-hop.This studio has three seperate booths that are ready to drop at any time.

Q.  How long will it take to record my project ?                                                                                                                           A.  Well that’s tough to predict.many factors are involved.We suggest that you are well rehearsed on the material that you want to record.It is possible to give you a rough idea after talking with you and checking out your material.

Q. Do you record to tape ?                                                                                                                                                                  A.  Yes, at times we choose to record our bands to tape. Tape can provide a smooth sound for rock bands.The band will need to be pretty tight to benifit from this option.

Q. Do you accept any and all clients who wish to record here.

A. Actually no, It has to be a good fit bwtween client,producer ,and studio. We will set up an appointment to discuss your project and decide how to proceed from that point.

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